Monday, January 30, 2012

Anyone Else Want Ties Back In Hockey?

That is what I used to like about hockey. Among my favourite sports, baseball, tennis, and golf, hockey is the only one that could end in a tie. At least, used to.

And only in the regular season.

I've been trying to think of a way to bring ties back.

Now, before you say, "You mean, get rid of the shootout? THE most entertaining moment in hockey?", hear me out or read me out.

I really enjoy 4 on 4 overtime. And the shootout is exciting too, although it is very gimmicky.

Actually, it becomes a gimmick as it drags on to 4th, 5th and 6th shooters. I can tolerate it up till there, but the reality is, often when you get past the first three shooters, you're bound to see some bad goals. That is because these are the last persons you'd expect to see in shootout. And what worse way to end the game then some bad goal by bad shooter. It has to happen, you know.

So I was thinking about the Blues/Pens game back on the 24th.

I didn't see all of it now. But that didn't stop me from watching the shootout. Okay, you want to know what I was doing all the time up until that very moment? I was in the basement of my parents place watching the Raptors/Suns game. Sorry, my hockey love does not extend to my parents or two brothers!

The shootout was awesome as both goaltenders stopped 2 of 3 shooters. I thought about how Oshie and Malkin had scored and how I'd seen enough. Both teams got the point, and so did the fans!

The Pens eventually won the shootout when the fourth shooter, Chris Kunitz, scored. I got to thinking that St Louis played the better game, having had all sorts of chances to win in overtime, how cruel it is that they lose. Yes, I know they still get a point. And yes, since it was against someone from the Eastern Conference, they can afford to lose it.

The same night, it was The Flyers the topped The Panthers 3-2, in another shootout, but that only had 3 shooters a side. That, to me, is okay. See, only six total shooters.

The Sabers beat the Devils in still another shootout that night, but this one went an extra round where you had Adam Henrique and Nathan Gerbe shooting. Not exactly shootout household names.

See my point is, you can have the shootout for 3 rounds. By why not, if at that point if the game is tied, let the game end. You'll have gotten everything you'd want to see in a game, and 3 best shooters go each side. That's enough for me