Friday, August 17, 2012

Bert Campaneris: 9 Innings, 9 Positions

Bert Campaneris did something amazing on September 8, 1965.

He played all nine positions in one game, including pitcher.

He started the game at shortstop.

First inning: (Shortstop)

After taking his position at shortstop, he watched as Wayne Causey squeezed Jose Cardenal’s popup for the first out. It was as close as Campaneris came to a play as Jose Tartabull made two outs in left to retire the side, in order.

Campaneris led off the game with a walk, and, as he did so often, he stole second. Eventually, he scored the game’s first run on a double by Edward Charles.

Second Inning: (Second Base)

So Bert moved left to second base as Causey moved right to take over at shortstop.

The first two batters were retired easily, but then another Edward, Kirkpatrick singled for the first of two hits. Then he was picked off first. There was a run down on a play that would involve the two infielders who had just changed positions. A’s starter, Dick Joyce fired to first sacker (who played that position until the 7th inning on this day) Randy Schwartz, who then tossed it to Campaneris, who then fired it back to Joyce (joining up in the rundown). Joyce was credited with the assist as he tossed it to Causey for the putout.

Third Inning: (Third Base)

Campaneris moved over to third while Ed Charles went from the hot corner to second sacker.

But once again it was Tartabull who the ball found its way to twice, in a 1-2-3 inning. Dean Chance, the opposing pitcher, struck out to end the inning.

In the bottom of the frame, Chance retired Campaneris on a groundout which he himself fielded.

Fourth Inning: (Left Field)

Charles was back at third, but obviously Tartabull had to move. He went to right field. Right fielder Lou Clinton came out of the game as his spot was moved to second base, now occupied by Dick Green.

Jose Cardinal led off the top of the fourth for the Angels. I should mention at this point that he would probably have wanted to get involved in this. After all, he was Bert’s cousin.

So Jose decided to test Bert’s glove in left and sent a flyball to left. Campaneris caught it. California would tie the game that inning as Jim Fregosi singled and scored on a Joe Adcock double.

Fifth Inning: (Center Field)

In the top of the fifth, Campaneris shifted from left to center field. Jose Tartabull moved back to left, and was no doubt mad that he missed out on a chance for his 5th putout of the game. Jim Landis went from center to right.

Tartabull made his 5th putout of the game after all for the second out, taking catcher Tom Egan’s fly. Then it was Paul Schaal’s turn to test Bert out by hitting a flyball to center. Campaneris made the catch to retire the side. It had been another 1-2-3 inning.

Sixth Inning: (Right Field)

Campaneris moved to right, while Landis was back in his normal position.

With two out in the inning, Albie Pearson singled. Then Fregosi sent a fly to Campaneris, which was muffed. Pearson scored to give the Angels a 2-1 lead. Tartabull once again caught a fly to end the inning.

Chance, still pitching for California, k’d Bert in the bottom of the inning.

Seventh Inning (First Base)

Campaneris moved to first base. Mike Hershberger, as the new right fielder, replaced Randy Schwartz in the lineup.

The Angles got runners to second and third with only one out, thanks to two walks and a wild pitch.

The A’s were forced to go the bullpen twice in this inning as Dick Joyce’s night ended. First to Don Mossi, and then to Jim Dickenson. Campaneris caught Schaal’s pop up for the second out. Chance ended the inning by fanning.

In the bottom of the frame, Larry Stahl pinch hit for Hershberger.

Eighth Inning (Pitcher)

Now it was time for the real test. Campaneris relived Dickenson on the mound, while Santiago Rosario filled in the void at first. Stahl took over for Hershberger in right.

Campaneris faced his relative first. So it was right handed pitcher vs right handed batter. Cardenal popped out to second. But then, it was Albie Pearson who batted from the left side. So Campaneris, who was ambidextrously, switch-pitched! Pearson coaxed a walk from him, on four pitches. Jim Fregosi batted right handed, so it was Campaneris the right handed pitcher again. Four more pitches and a -


After two more balls to Joe Adcock, he singled to score Pearson and Marcelino Lopez came in to run for Adcock. 3-1 California.

Campaneris was in a hole here as Bobby Knoop came to bat. Campaneris was able to bear down and strike him out as Fregosi tried to steal third. But catcher Billy Bryan nailed him at third for a double play. This would Bryan’s last play of the game.

Bert came to bat in the bottom of the inning and grounded out against Chance.

Ninth Inning (Catcher)

So now came the ninth and final inning, and the ninth and final position. The other half of the battery.

Aurelio Monteagudo took over on the mound for Campaneris and Campaneris replaced Bryan behind the plate.

Kirkpatrick got his second hit of the game, and then tested Bert’s arm. He succeeded in his swipe. Tom Egan walked.

Monteagudo got Schaal to line out to Landis, but Kirkpatrick made it to third. Chance batted for himself and struck out.

As Jose Cardenal batted, the Angels decided to test Campaneris behind the plate again with a steal as Egan took off towards second. As Campaneris fired to second, Kirkpatrick took advantage of Bert’s inexperience behind the dish and took off for home. Ohh, a double steal!

Dick Green, at second, could see it all, and took Bert’s throw and fired it right back to him. The toss beat the runner as Kirkpatrick and Campaneris collided at home, but the ball didn’t come lose. A fight broke out, but the inning was over.

And so was Campaneris’ night, as the impact of Kirkpatrick was bad enough to force Campaneris from the game.

If it matters at this point, the A’s tied in the bottom of the ninth, only to lose it in the top of the 13th. Hmm, another game involving Joe Adcock (see Harvey Haddix’s 12 inning perfect game) that ended in the 13th involving something that had never been done before.

So because by now you realize what a stats freak (did I just type that?) I am. Here are Bert Campaneris’ stats for the night


3AB, 1R, 0H, 0RBI, 1BB, 1K, .000 BA, .250 OPS


POS: P, 0 CH, 0 PO, 0 A, 0 E, 0 DP, .000 F%, 0.00 R/9I, 0.00 R/G

POS: C, 3 CH, 2 PO, 1 A, 0 E, 0 DP, 1.000 F%, 27.00 R/9I, 3.00 R/G

POS: 1B, 1 CH, 1 PO, 0 A, 0 E, 0 DP, 1.000 F%, 9.00 R/9I, 1.00 R/G

POS: SS, 0 CH, 0 PO, 0 A, 0 E, 0 DP, .000 F%, 0.00 R/9I, 0.00 R/G

POS: 2B, 0 CH, 0 PO, 0 A, 0 E, 0 DP, .000 F%, 0.00 R/9I, 0.00 R/G

POS: 3B, 0 CH, 0 PO, 0 A, 0 E, 0 DP, .000 F%, 0.00 R/9I, 0.00 R/G

POS: LF, 1 CH, 1 PO, 0 A, 0 E, 0 DP, 1.000 F%, 9.00 R/9I, 1.00 R/G

POS: CF, 1 CH, 1 PO, 0 A, 0 E, 0 DP, 1.000 F%, 9.00 R/9I, 1.00 R/G

POS: RF, 1 CH, 0 PO, 0 A, 1 E, 0 DP, .000 F%, 0.00 R/9I, 0.00 R/G


1 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 1K, 0 HR, 9.00 ERA.