Saturday, October 29, 2016

World Series: Did You Know?

The last time (Pending the results in 2016 games four and five) that the Chicago Cubs won a game at home in 9-innings was game six of 1935. 81 years ago. Chicago was swept in the 1938 World Series and won only one game at home in 1945, extra innings, of course.

So going into game five of the 1935 Fall Classic, Chicago needed a win. Detroit, who were seeking their first World Series, were up 3-1 and looking for the clincher on the road. The sent Schoolboy Rowe to the hill for this game. He'd lost game one, and won game three in relief.

However, he'd blown the save in that game, and was looking for a good start here. But it was Chuck Klein hitting a two-run home run off him in the bottom of the third. Rowe settled down nicely after that. He got the Cubs 1-2-3 in the fourth and did that again the next frame.

The Tigers were having problems with Lon Warneke, who was looking to keep the Cubs alive and putting up a noble effort. Staked to that 2-0 lead, he got Detroit 1-2-3 in the top of the fifth and sixth. Bill Lee replaced him in the top of the seventh, and delighted the crowd at Wrigley. While he gave up a leadoff walk, Lee got a flyball and double play to get out of that, preserving the 2-0 lead. Could Detroit get a run or two?

On a single, a bunt, an error and a single by Babe Herman, Detroit's chances further dimmed. It was 3-0, Chicago because of all that in the bottom of the seventh. The Tigers were down to their last six outs. They did not go away quietly.

Rowe himself singled in the top of the eighth with one on and one out. But Lee got out of that via a K and and Mickey Cochrane grounding to first. Lee himself covered first, taking the toss for the putout. The next inning would not end without Detroit getting a run.

Rowe got 'em 1-2-3 in the bottom of the eighth to keep the score, 3-0. In the top of the ninth, the Tigers made their move. Charlie Gehringer singled off Lee. Goose Goslin did, too. Tying run at the dish, just like last inning. But nobody out.

Pete Fox singled, the third straight hit by Detroit in the ninth. Gehringer scored, 3-1. Bill Rogell batted, but Lee was about to bear down and get Chicago the win.

Gee Walker was sent out to bat for Marv Owen. Lee got him to ground out. Both runners advanced, but the home team at Wrigley was just one out away. Of course, a single by the visitors here, and it's 3-2, Detroit.

Flea Clifton, with Schoolboy Rowe due up after him, popped out to first. Phil Cavarretta put the squeeze on it, and the Cubs won, 3-1. Lee got the save.

Chicago battled hard in game six in Detroit, but the home team won that game. The Tigers had their first World Series. Chicago would have to be content with another appearance in 1938 and 1945, but came up empty both times, losing game seven of '45, 9-3.

Tonight, Chicago is in a similar situation. They need this game. They are not going to win by going down 3-1, with games six and seven (If they are needed at all) to be played in Cleveland. They suffered a tough 1-0 loss in game three at home. Game four (And five) are a must.


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